Coffee, hot chocolate and hot tea available today 4-5pm. #coffeemachine

There are several benefits to the automatic washing system incorporated in #Nuovasimonelli Aurelia II. Not only it does extend the machine's life cycle but reduces the need to change filter cartridge at will and it ensures the most consistent espresso quality. Toffin Elevate Business Liven up coffee __________________________________________________________________ #toffinindonesia #toffin #coffeemachine #mesinkopi #coffee #Nuovasimonelli #toffinsulawesi

Third coffee of the day, made by Suze. We strategically hover around the coffee machine and hold out our empty cups when she’s in the kitchen ☕️ #Mondays

Officially in our #Penthouse 😍

get around Brew Sister @gabbymifsud’s 3/4 boss Lattè art ✌🏽

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