Helo! I'm come back today, wkwk (siapa juga yg nungguin?,-) Malem minggu? Gambar. Hari minggu? Ga liburan (gambar,-) Because #drawmylife 😄💨 Something interesting, I was an obsession in this case ✨ Get it all out the imagination of me, and shed it to a piece of paper 💨🐣 #drawing #drawings #drawingpencil #manga #drawingart #animegirl #anime #drawanime

Hi guys, I've finally finished the version I had already made of vivio since this time I added some clouds in the background and improved their armor, I know I'm working on several drawings almost at the same time and sometimes I get dizzy because I do not know what to show first But as I go forward I will show you the progress and the great challenge that presented me a couple of weeks ago, I will give the best of me, I want to advance in my drawings and I want to find my style, a style in which I feel comfortable and I let go without forcing the lines, but leaving him free and able to do it from my inspired soul without caring about the rest. I had my ups and downs and I have always said that my lines are very closed, but I know that I will improve with time in the same way that I want to love myself completely with my art, my inspiration and my work knowing that I am worthwhile and that I am unique. :)