feeling a lot of anger lately directed towards nothing in particular, so here is a reflection of that, and some bad latte art next to a trash can.

Zero waste isn’t a simple overnight thing. It’s not like losing 20kgs or learning Chinese or raising a child, no, no - this takes time and consistent effort. The two tips I had that helped me keep going and growing are 1) learn one thing at a time, make it a habit, THEN add. 2) formerly allocate a place for whatever “thing” you’ve added. A space in your cupboard, a specific container, some counter space. Here’s how it looked for me: i started with my citrus peel cleaner - all my peels go straight to a large glass jar in my laundry cupboard and are covered in vinegar until ready 🍋. Next came those bread nubs that I used to throw out when they went hard - now I just blitz them up and 💥 BOOM💥 I have gluten-free breadcrumbs. Then I got into the habit of saving edible peels (like these kiwis) or strawberry tops in a container in the freezer dedicated to Smoothie Sweeteners 🍹. And then the apple cores, they go straight to my Scrapple Cider Vinegar jar in my pantry for fermenting 🍏👩🏼‍🔬. Slowly slowly I’ve added more in a way that doesn’t overwhelm me and now it all feels like flow. It won’t happen overnight but it will happen 💁🏼‍♀️. Hmm, I should try patent that extremely catchy phrase that was definitely NOT used in a hair commercial in the nineties.

O melhor mesmo é ir na valsa:”Danúbio Azul “,de Strauss,desacelera a vida e não faz com que a gente perca o melhor dela🕊🕊🕊 Uma ótima noite à todos 🕊 #boanoite #goodnight #buonanotte #clean #aconchego #myroom #myhome #mylife #instahome #minimalism #instagood #instadesign #lardocelar #homedesign #homedecor #mysweethome #inspire #amoraprimeiravista @amorapvista 🕊🕊🕊

Never mind the bollocks

I have all of the windows open and it’s lightly raining outside slow drips and drops mixed with a thousand birds singing. Which reminds me of one of my favorite poems by Hafiz: . .. “And For no reason I turn into a leaf That is carried so high I kiss the sun’s mouth And dissolve. And For no reason A thousand birds Choose my head for a conference table, Start passing their Cups of wine And their wild songbooks all around. And For every reason in existence I begin to eternally, To eternally laugh and love! When I turn into a leaf And start dancing, I run to kiss our beautiful Friend And I dissolve in the Truth That I Am.” .. . And, I am here soaking it all in... with this breath and this breath and this breath. Listening with my entire body. Listening with my heart. There’s joy here- in this moment. The world is alive outside and I am here breathing with it all. The breeze- the cool, humid air reaches me, reminds me that, I too, am a part of this: this moment this bird song this drop of rain this car passing by this breath this moment of joy.

Credit to @jcgellidon

: ダメ倒立 : 肩が前に出てるから肩に乗っちゃってる : 手も押せてないから胸も落ちてる : 股関節も張り出せてない : 朝一の倒立でもビシッと決めたい : まだまだ練習不足 : : 今週のLalaの #無駄に褒めないから上達するborntoyog : 5/28(月)1030-1230/1900-2100 5/30(水)1900-2100 5/2(土)7:00-8:30/9:00-10:30/13:00-14:30 : @engawayoga : : #borntoyog #yog #weyog #weyogaforlife #engawayoga #yoga #handstand #inversionjunkie #instagood #instalike #instadaily #instayoga #yogini #minimalism #minimalist #ボーントゥヨグ #ヨグ #エンガワヨガ #ヨガ #ハンドスタンド #倒立 #逆立ち #ヨガインストラクター #真っ直ぐ倒立 #失敗