Designed myself a business card last night. 😅 ✨✨Goals in Motion✨✨ . #smallbusiness #workinprogress #vegan #goalsinmotion #goals

As we are in the last stages of work on the #victoriandressmaker book my days are less sewing and more computer based work! Editing images, patterns, fiddling with text and putting it all together into an #indesign document seems to take forever! Even Merlin decided to have a nap from the usual monitoring duties... on the plus side, it is nice working outside! #historicalcostuming #priorattire #workinprogress #author #merlinthedressmakerscat

I’ve changed my mind. On many things lately. From returning to a nude pop sock (over a statement one) to curbing my children’s digital footprint - even though the horse has somewhat bolted on that one. This has not been a people-pleasing rampage on par with a pent-up labrador released into a primary school playground, nor has it been something I’ve felt forced or bullied into. My mind, my thought-processes, my decisions. I’m a big girl (with small girls 👶🏻👧🏼 in tow). But ‘process’ is something I think gets chucked carelessly into the supermarket bargain bin at times. It can feel like once you break free of the hazy Weatherspoons £5-beer-and-a-burger years, you’re expected to arrive at the adults-only party fully formed. Fully processed, not a work-in-progress. Some lucky blighters are the former (@amalclooneyofficial) and good on them but for those of us who struggle with an overwhelming choice of bread (last week we ran the full gamut of farmhouse white through to 7-seed multigrain), there has to be some room to manoeuvre; There has to be some room to take a left, while furiously indicating right. In less elusive terms, I’m a woman who uses Instagram, who engages on Mumsnet, who reads The Literary Review, while intermittently checking-in on Karl Lagerfeld’s cat, Choupette. I am ‘influenced’ by many factors, while bizarrely being branded an influencer in turn. One of the most resounding things my friend @amancalledmark said after I’d brain-dumped the contents of my mind onto his lap was: “my love, listening isn’t just waiting to talk.” My friends are my friends (it has been described as a ‘clique’ but it’s mostly down to geography and a mutual love of The Good Wife), my decisions are - to state the obvious - my own. But I think we all have the right to ebb and flow; to change our mind along the way; or to help someone else see the seemingly glaring light. We’re not all Amal, after all, and eating farmhouse white for the rest of your life might mean you miss out on the wholesome benefits of multigrain #listeningisnotwaitingtotalk #breadquandaries #workinprogress

All the goals! 💯 . . Pushed myself this morning and it felt pretty darn good! Even starting to string some DU’s together. Say Whaa?! 🙌🏼 . . #goals #2018goals #ksp #bestcoaches #fitat40 #workinprogress